Handbags and style

When it comes to a woman wardrobe, handbags are the main accessories. Unlike a blouse or a dress, a woman bag can affect the total style and outfit. The most common mistake while choosing a bag design is that we focus on the colour and designs, and not to the shape of the bag and our body. Those two elements are the main factors that primarily enchase our total appearance or even hide those small imperfections of our body. It is essential to know some tips to choose the right bag so that it will fit perfectly with your silhouette and make you look pretty!

Look which bag fits best depending on your style.

A general rule to remember when shopping for a bag is to look for a bag shape that matches our body shape and silhouette. For example, a big tote bag will fit a tall and slim body, while if you are kind of chubby and average height, you might choose a bag with strange shapes, like a square bag.

Women Bags and Style

Before choosing the right bag, you must first know about the different types and styles that are available.

Leather Tote Bag

Classic colours for a tote bag are black, grey, brown, white, dark brown, blue and all pastel variations. The most casual tote bag versions include rectangular shape, comfortable size and not too long straps. For this season you might look for a mustard tote bag or even a nice Lipstick Red tote bag. A tote bag is ideal for those you want to use it at the office or for your shopping.

Leather Crossbody Bag

A crossbody bag is a strong choice for every woman, and it is comfortable and chic. When you have a practical bag that is elegant at the same time, then you have the perfect combination. The crossbody bag or postman bag is one of the most comfortable options as it lets both your arms free. You wear it, and you forget it! A woman crossbody bag is ideal for your walk, shopping or even for your coffee with friends. The right length to wear a crossbody bag is between your waist and your hips.

Leather Clutch Bag

A Clutch bag is almost a one-way option to choose when choosing a bag to accompany you during a night out. The more formal the night out it is, the more elegant and luxurious the clutch bag can be. That is the best solution for carrying your keys, lipstick, makeup, phone and maybe some other personal things.

Leather Boho Bags

Boho style, the style wisdom of the ’70s, represents an elegant, relaxed and freedom-like style.  The boho style had many supporters around the world, a famous woman amongst all. A boho bag is considered as comfortable to carry and spacious depending on its size.

Leather Handbags

The size of the handbag you will choose depends mainly from your taste. If you need it for the office and generally for everyday use, you are most likely going for a Leather Shoulder Bag or a Leather Handle Bag of a big enough size. You will know that you can fit all your things there. I mean all! A classical Shoulder Leather Bag is ideal for everyday use.

Women Leather Backpacks

A backpack lets you feel free. A perfect choice if you are going for shopping or a trip. It can fit all the things you will need and much more. The size depends on your needs and should match your height. An enormous backpack will now look good below your hips.

How to choose a bag that will fit your body shape

For Slim and Tall women

This body shape is the easiest because you can match several types of bags

Women that are very tall and slim can try every bag style and shape, for example, backpacks, messenger bags, shoulder bags and many more. There is only one type of bag you should avoid, and this is a small bag. The reason?  It will make you look even taller!

Apple shape Silhouette

Avoid small size bags with handles, while they tend to emphasize your hips. Large handbags, messenger bags or shoulder bags are ideal for you.

For Petite Woman

It is wise to choose relatively small bags and avoid those stylish big bags, while they will make you look shorter. A right choice would be to get a bag of a small size that stands above your shoulder.

In conclusion, you should have in mind this fashion rule: “When you choose a shoulder bag, don’t let it hang below your hips, because it is not flattering for you”. Choose a bag that will make you look beautiful and hide little imperfections of your body. Bag Shapes, Styles and Colours are the main words you should have in mind when buying a new bag. Take your time and try them carefully before choosing the right bag for you.

Written by Elena Taylor