The name of the gladstone bag

The gladstone bag reminds us of the years of Victorian Britain. A piece of history of Great Britain’s 19th century and a fashion item of status and elegance by many enthusiasts. Centuries passed, and today fashion people call it a timepiece bag preferred by people that have a good sense of quality. Those who can evaluate superior craftsmanship will love it. For those who know, it reminds the ultimate accessory carried by the prime ministers and high-status personalities of the past.

Who was William Ewart Gladstone

 William Ewart Gladstone,
United Kingdom’s Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone

A small suitcase or a portmanteau, others would say, that took its name from the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone, back in the 19th century. William Ewart Gladstone was elected prime minister four times between 1868 and 1894. So, the story behind the gladstone bag starts when the name of Prime Minister Gladstone was related to a specific style of a bag. He used to carry this bag for his travelling and of course his appearances at the houses of parliament because it was a leather bag build on a frame and proved to be durable and stylish at the same time.

Who gave the name gladstone bag

There was a leather craftsman called J G Beard, who had his store in the city of Westminster, who made those fine bags. Therefore, he was very popular amongst wealthy people with power back then. The story says that Beard gave the name gladstone to this bag model because he was a fan of Gladstone Prime Minister.

Gladstone Doctor Bag

Michelangelo Gladstone Bag
Michelangelo Gladstone Bag

After that, the gladstone bag became a popular doctor’s bag. Made of high- quality full grain-leather was the ideal bag for medics and doctors. A durable and lightweight bag so a doctor can carry all the necessary instruments, medicines and examination tools, for instance. During the previous centuries, doctors had to travel long distances on foot, on horses or carriages. Maybe at this time, you can recall a movie, where a doctor comes from miles away on a horse carriage with his leather bag. He carries the bag containing those medical instruments and medicines to cure somebody with a fiver!

A bag to invest

Today many doctors make their choice and get a gladstone Doctors bag, so they carry their medical equipment for home visits. A unique bag that you can consider a good investment. A gladstone bag is an accessory that will satisfy all the needs for practicality, status, and style. A classic bag that you can find in many shapes and colours like Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Red, and Honey.

A timeless leather bag

Nowadays, many people associate the gladstone bag with a fashion statement and of course, with luxury. It is a unique shape type of bag, and you can find it from the best leather goods manufacturers. Tuscany Leather is the specialist manufacturer of leather bags. A gladstone bag made in Italy and in Tuscany to be more specific. You should know that the area of Tuscany is famous for its long tradition of making the most superior leather bags. Of course, they make them from the best vegetable-tanned leathers. Today many fashion enthusiasts love this bag because they can use it as a Doctor’s bag, as a Travel Bag or as an everyday work bag.

Gladstone Travel Bags

Travel in style with the Madrid gladstone leather bag. Available in two sizes small and large, or make them a set.

Monalisa Gladstone Bag
Monalisa Gladstone Bag

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Written by Elena Taylor