At we know that suitcases and trolleys do not suit every trip. If you prefer to travel a little more relaxed or want to make things a little easier when packing, travel bags or backpacks could be more suitable for you. Because every trip requires a different kind of luggage. Sometimes we don’t need or want to carry a suitcase. For sporty or adventurous trips, many people prefer a backpack or a travel bag. They are more uncomplicated, more mobile, more flexible, easier to carry, with the same capacity as a suitcase and resistant to impacts. Tuscany Leather backpacks and travel bags are the perfect solutions if you want to go on such a trip.

Shoulder bags or backpacks are ideal if you want your hands free. Also, a small duffel bag or a small travel bag, is always ideal for going to the gym, day trips, weekend trips or simply as hand luggage. If you like to travel by train, you may know the challenge of finding a place for your suitcase on a full train. If in doubt, you could simply place a backpack on your lap. Our wide range of backpacks offers you a solution for every need: backpacks for on the go, backpacks for laptops, children’s backpacks. All the options you need, of high quality and durability, to combine perfectly with any of our travel bags or suitcases.

Travel bags are easier to place in narrow luggage racks or under the seat thanks to the flexible textile material.

Select the travel duffle bag you want

With the travel bags like our weekender bags, you have a large selection of products to choose from: with or without wheels. Simply choose the one that best suits your style: sporty and colourful like the Berlin duffle bag or elegant travel bags, like our Oslo Leather duffle bag, for the most demanding. And if you are looking for a retro alternative, you can opt for our Madrid Gladstone leather travel bag.

Luxurious leather travel sets

Our travel bags can be perfectly combined with our trolleys. Collections such as our luxurious leather travel set have cases that go perfectly with travel bags. Our Bora Bora leather trolley set collection, for example, is a great, sporty counterpart to the successful Lisbona leather travel set collection for a rounded look on the go.

If you want to go on an adventure trip and visit less-travelled places that may not have the typical tourist amenities, then we have the right luggage for you. Our Trekker backpack travel set comes with high-quality leather material. 

Travel bags with wheels

A travel bag with wheels like the Bora Bora trolley leather travel bag is perfect if you need a large packing volume while travelling, but don’t have much space after or between trips to stow the bag. They are easy to pull, like suitcases with 2 wheels, but are flexible to carry, like travel bags. The best option if you have enough luggage for a weekend trip.

Leather Garment Bag

If you are on business travel and want to carry your expensive suit and keep it in good shape we recommend our leather garment bags. They are transformer into duffle bags and you can carry them with ease. You can choose the Antigua leather garment duffle bag or the Tahiti garment leather bag.

Shoulder bags

Smaller products, such as our shoulder bags, are useful for every type of travel. These types of bags are perfect for storing money, passports and other valuables. No matter whether you are only on the road for a weekend or travelling around the world for months there is a leather bag for you. A small shoulder bag for those things that you always want to carry close to you or that you should always have on hand is a must. Even outside of travel and vacation times, shoulder bags are an integral part of everyday life.

Our product portfolio includes:

Luxury leather bags

Are you looking for luxurious, high-quality leather bags? You can get luxury leather by Tuscany Leather at, depending on the model, from an excellent quality! Particularly durable, made of leather for even high-quality feel. Choose from various models and colours and have them customised with our initials or the wording you want. Order luxury leather bags today and get beautiful Italian quality bags with style.

Make sure you learn more about how to take care of your leather bag.

Written by Elena Taylor