Remember to clean your leather bag

Kind reminder, our bags need the same care as our clothes! To clean a leather bag is an investment. You will give a considerable amount of money to get a favourite leather bag that will last for many years. It is true in this case that, what you give is what you get!  So it is sensible to consider protecting that investment. It’s a pity to see yourself looking to buy a new bag in a couple of years, so take your precautions and follow these tips. You will keep your bag clean and for many years. Better than feel sorry for now doing so, right?

1) Take care from the first day

I recommend using special leather care products for the protection of the leather surface of the bag. This option is better than trying to hide bigger marks due to improper use and lack of maintenance.

2) Clean it often

Either you have it for many years, either you just got it during sales, you should be cleaning your bag often. Even dry cleaning it with a piece of cloth, is enough, but, if you want to keep it in a mint condition for years, you have to use special leather clean products every 2-3 months. You can find a special leather care kit for your bag in our store.

3) Trust only specialized cleaning products

Leather is a sensitive texture, so I wouldn’t recommend using detergents of unknown quality or those tips (e.g. vinegar) from Aunty Anna during your last Sunday roast Launch. All those chemicals are possible to contain chemicals that will ruin your bag and fade its colour. You should trust special creams and water protection sprays for leather care.

4) Use special storage bags

While you are not using your bag, it is a good idea to put it in a special storage bag for better protection. This way, you will avoid wear from dust and lighting. High-quality leather bags usually come with dust bags.

5) Keep it full

While it is essential to keep it inside a storage bag, it is also recommended to keep your bag full to maintain its shape. You can fill it with newspapers, old clothes, or generally something soft that you can use as a fill.

6) Try to avoid carrying a light coloured leather bag with your new jeans

Right, you might not have imagined it, but the denim can discolour on your bag. This will leave an incredibly persistent stain that you can’t imagine! Just double-check that your jeans are of good quality and of course, washed in the washing machine several times.

7) Watch for leaks

A pen without a cap, a bottle of water, lipstick, or anything like that can harm your leather bag. Every time you drop things in your bag, make sure that those containing liquid or colours are sealed. A good tip is to have an extra mini bag for your cosmetics.

8) Avoid leaving your bag anywhere

This is quite obvious, try leaving your bag on the floor, especially when it is dirty. Who knows what is down there. Also, try to avoid high heat surfaces (like a radiator) and direct sunlight for a long time. I am talking about a long time and not going for a coffee! Speaking of sunlight, rain can alter the surface of leather. Just don’t overdo it. You can use special leather care kit so you can protect your bag from rain and dry from the heat.

Written by Elena Taylor