What should not be missing during the two weeks of a beach vacation and what can stay at home? Are three summer dresses, five shorts and seven tops enough for a week of safari in Africa or maybe you should pack another outfit? What must you store in the suitcase or check-in trolley and what you can carry in the hand luggage? We asked ourselves the most critical vacation questions, and we give you some tips for preparing your luggage and duffle bags for your travel.

Write a packing list for your vacation

The secret is in the planning. As dull as this may sound at first, it saves you a lot of stress and nerves in the end. A little research about the holiday location and your hotel not only increases the anticipation but also makes packing your bags easier. What are the climatic conditions like? What are the weather forecasts for the travel period? What things does the hotel provide you with, and what can you buy inexpensively at the resort? Travel guides, hotel reviews and, of course, exciting travel reports can help you with this, and who knows, you might also stumble across one or the other insider tip that you have to see in the country of travel.

If you have done your research, write down a detailed holiday checklist (with pen and paper or with one of the numerous free apps that are now available) and list everything necessary for the travel bag, duffle bags and hand luggage. So you have a good overview before packing and avoid forgetting something important, like your passport! When it is time to pack your luggage, you can easily access your list. So you are guaranteed to have everything with you.

What you can carry in hand luggage and what you can accommodate in the check-in luggage

This is probably, one of the most critical questions that need to be clarified before starting your vacation. A little research helps a lot here too. To be on the safe side, simply check your airline’s baggage regulations. There you will not only find out what you are allowed to take with you in your luggage (and what is not) but also how much your luggage can weigh. The weight can vary from airline to airline. So you will avoid bad surprises in the form of additional payments at the check-in counter.

Containers with liquids, gels or creams, such as make-up items or drinks of more than 100 ml, may generally not be carried in the hand luggage case. The scanners recognize these during the security check, and the airport staff will take them away. You can take containers of liquids up to 100 ml in your hand luggage, but it is advisable to stow them in a transparent bag, as they have to be placed separately on the belt during the security check.

Electronic devices such as laptops, tablets or cell phones belong in hand luggage. You must switch off the devices at takeoff and landing, but you can use in the flight mode during the flight. If you store electronic devices in a case or trolley, damage may occur during transport. Liability for such damage is not covered in case of an accident or if your bag falls somewhere. On the other hand, you may lose your luggage from time to time. Then the laptop or tablet would be gone for if you don’t find your suitcase again.

Passport and ID, money (ideally also a small amount in the currency of the holiday country), the visa (if necessary for entry) and important medication should also be brought in your hand luggage. For onboard entertainment on long flights, it is advisable to take a few small things with you to pass the time: a book or magazine and headphones to listen to music or watch films. But here, too, it is essential to save space and weight: Instead of packing five books, simply use an e-reader. Audiobooks and podcasts on mobile phones are also an excellent alternative to the onboard program on the plane.

There is only limited space in hand luggage, but it is always advisable to pack at least one outfit to change. Perhaps it is much warmer or colder in the holiday country than in the home country.  So you can quickly adapt to the temperature differences. Besides, you feel particularly refreshed on long flights and like new when you can change in between. And even if a suitcase or trolley is lost, an additional outfit is a backup plan!

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What can stay at home?

Almost all hotels usually provide towels, hairdryers and bathrobes, so there is no need to take them with you. The same applies of course to shampoos, shower gels, creams and soaps. However, if you still do not want to do without your favourite products, check if the products are also available in smaller travel sizes. Optionally, you can fill them in separate, small bottles (don’t forget: Containers with liquids of more than 100 ml must not be carried in your hand luggage).

Less is often more. This also applies to pack your suitcase. When writing the packing list, think about which items of clothing you need and which ones you feel comfortable in. It is no different on vacation than in everyday life. Everyone has their favourite outfits that they like to use because they are chic and comfortable and match their style. Everything else remains in the closet or is taken home in the case, unworn. It is best to choose items of clothing that you can combine well with each other so that you can create many outfits from a few individual pieces. If you still fear that you haven’t packed enough alternatives, but space is running out, find out whether your hotel offers a laundry service or whether you can find a cheap laundry in the resort.

Travel with your partner or family

There are many good reasons to travel with your sweetheart or family. Cross packing is one of them. Cross packing means as the name suggests that you put part of your clothes in your partner’s suitcase or trolley and vice versa. If one suitcase is lost, you can easily fall back on the outfits from the other.

The first big family vacation is an exceptional experience for children. You want to be there right from the start. You can do that with your own colourful children’s trolley, which you can pack yourself. And this is very playful: explains to the little ones that they too can write a packing list, but that there is only limited space in the children’s case. Not every toy can be taken with you, but you can also make your small selection here.

Pack the suitcase to save space

You know everything there is to know about your vacation spot. The packing list is written, the empty suitcase is ready, and travel clothes, shoes, make-up and toiletry bags are on your bed. But how can you pack them up to save space?

Here are a few tips & tricks

Pack from large to small: always first pack the larger and heavier items of clothing such as shoes or jeans, then the T-shirts, shirts, blouses, tops etc. Items of clothing that crease easily should be at the top of the case and, if possible, in separate garment bags.

Roll the clothes and not fold them: if you roll the clothes tightly together, you get more in the suitcase than if they were folded. Another tip is that the clothes stay wrinkle-free than with other folding techniques.

Use small gaps: socks, underwear, scarves etc. can be stored in a space-saving manner in your shoes, for example. Another advantage is that your shoes stay in shape.

Pay attention to the weight: Everything is packed securely, but before you go to the airport, you should make sure that your luggage does not exceed the maximum weight allowed by the airline. The resulting fees could quickly tear a hole in your travel budget.

Leave space for souvenirs: the suitcase is packed, and you even have some storage space left? Resists and don’t pack another outfit. Because maybe you want to go shopping on vacation and bring friends and family some souvenirs. They also have to fit in the suitcase on the way back.

Secure the luggage and mark it individually

We do not need to mention that your suitcase should be locked securely before check-in. These can be secured with an individual code or a lock. A luggage tag with your address and the address of your hotel should also not be missing. In this way, your luggage can easily be forwarded to you if it arrives late.

We also recommend customizing your suitcase. One little thing is enough like a small sticker, a colourful suitcase belt etc. Make sure that you recognize your trolley on the suitcase belt or that other passengers do not accidentally mistake it for their luggage.

A checklist for starting your vacation

The suitcase is packed, and you’re ready to go! But wait, did you think of everything? Here you will find a small checklist of things you should do before you start your vacation.

– Check the validity of your passport, ID card and credit card

– Research whether you need a visa for the travel destination and, if so, apply for it in good time

– Print out travel documents (flight tickets, visa, insurance, etc.), preferably twice, for security and take them with you in hand luggage

– Get all recommended vaccinations

– Arrange for an international insurance

– Check whether your mobile operator offers a cheap vacation flat rate for the travel destination

– Exchange a small amount at the bank into the currency of the holiday country

– Check airline baggage regulations

– Organize transfers from the airport to the hotel and vice versa

– Switch off all electrical devices and do not leave them in standby mode, possibly switch off the fuse

– Check the refrigerator for perishable food and empty the trash

– Close all windows and doors securely, switch on the alarm system

– Bring your pet to friends or family or organize care at home

– Ask neighbours to empty the mailbox and water the plants if necessary

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Written by Elena Taylor