Designer Bags

There is a unique characteristic of designer bags. Above all, we maintain the shapes of ancient products unaltered while providing them with all the modern functionalities. The workmanship and the art of the tanneries come as a Tuscan tradition for centuries now. Designer leather goods made in Tuscany are made in Italy, and they are handcrafted. Bags made in Tuscany are a symbol of Italian Leather goods worldwide. There is a close relationship between Tuscany, Firenze and leather goods. Italian Leather bags are of the best-handcrafted leather bags in Italy as the area of Tuscany is famous for its development of leather goods.

Original designer leather bags

Designer leather bags are the original leather bags. The shipping times are short for Europe is usually just three days! Indeed, the packaging is excellent. Hence we deliver the leather bags to our customers fast and safely. We choose the best courier service to ensure high-quality services.

Every bag comes with a tag that informs the customer that the product just received in an authentic Italian made bag.  The feel and smell of the leather bags are memorable! The leather of the bag is soft and reveals a smell of vegetable tanning, a detail of a good quality leather bag. You will love it!

Types and colours of leather bags

You can choose from several colours, from a neutral colour to a leather mustard bag or a magenta leather bag.  Probably you will want to select a brown palette leather bag so you can combine it easily with your office outfit. Italian Leather bags are mainly for those who love the classic style. All bags are practical and functional. Designer Leather has bags for all! Women BagsMen BagsBusiness Briefcases, and Travel Bags. With various work bags for women, you will find a beautiful leather bag for the office if you are a woman.

Furthermore, there are available some very elegant, all-time classic briefcases for men to choose from. You can read more about specially made doctors’ bags for the health professionals here. Additionally, you can find the famous Gladstone bags that are very stylish and attract those who know about fashion.

Quality Leather Bags

Most of all, designer leather bags have the best quality/price ration. You will not find a bag at those prices that are of this high quality. If you are looking for the best quality leather bags, go for a leather bag. It has a two years guarantee for peace of mind! It is elegant and MADE IN ITALY. This is the best option for you if you want to buy a quality leather bag. You will certainly not regret it, and you will discover that your bag will be more beautiful when you receive it. You will keep this bag for life and appreciate your purchase.

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Written by Elena Taylor