March 11, 2019

6 types of women according to the way they hold their bags

Men and Women have a different perception of the world and we can see that by comparing a women bag with a man wallet.

As we all know, all types of women adore their bags and many of them hold big, heavy handbags with fancy designs and playful colours, while men usually choose lightweight and compact style wallets. Men will go for black or brown wallets that can fit an ID, some credit cards and money.

Nobody can imagine what you are capable of finding inside a women bag! Actually, not even the same women will know what it is inside. However, there is one big truth.  A woman will carry everything that would prove to become handy for her or for others at some point!

So how are Handbags related to the psychology of a woman?

Looking inside a woman’s handbag, you will find a variety of other, smaller purses and baggies. A woman will always carry a small first aid kit, a makeup set and office essentials! So it is very possible to find a wallet, a small wallet for coins, a makeup set, a mirror, an agenda, a calculator, sunglasses and some other essentials that could prove handy at some time.

A Handbag for a woman is a trustworthy friend, part of herself. You can draw the psychological profile of a woman by judging the size of her handbag, someone would say. Also, the psychology of a woman can be evaluated by the way she would hold her bag.

1) Women that hold their bag, crossover and in front of them

Women who hold their crossover purse in front of them are kind of shy, and we could say that their bag is used as a protection.

2) Women that hold their bag, the crossover from behind.

Those who hold their crossover bag from behind want to promote their practical side of their personality. They don’t actually care about their look.

3) Women that hold their handbag hanging from their elbow.

Women who hold their handbag from their elbow would like to focus on their social status and they are very much interested in the opinion of others. They definitely want to impress and turn heads!

4) Women that hold their handbag hanging in their hand.

Women who hold their handbag in their hand are usually workaholics and want to focus on their careers.

5) Women have their tote bags on their shoulders and near to the body.

Women who hold their tote bags on their shoulders and near their body are realists. They don’t care about their appearance and they go for arms freedom.

6) Women who hold their tote bags hanging from their shoulder.

Those women, who hold their tote bags hanging from their shoulder and hanging free, are characterized as “free spirits” and they want to have instant access to their bag.

Elena Taylor