How to choose your Italian Leather bag

Ladies, admit it, women Italian leather bags are one of the most favourite accessories you like to have on when you go out. When it comes to the perfect Italian bag, you want to follow the latest trends, and look stylish carrying around the most chic-looking bag of the season. However, you also have to admit that a bag that looks good on the catwalk won’t look as stylish hanging by your side. Therefore, selecting the right bag for yourself is a must. Since you’re here to wow the crowd, let’s help you pick up the perfect chic bag for the day!

1) Look for the right size

You have to consider carefully how large of a bag you need and whether it would suit you. If you are small or petite, carrying around a large handbag can overshadow your personality. There are many different types of bags to choose from.

Here’s another tip: the part where the bottom of your bag sits is accentuated. If you have small hips, select a bag that brushes the top of your hips. If that’s not the case, go for one that ends at your waistline. Also, be sure that your bag isn’t too small for your needs.

2) It has to be durable

No matter how chic and stylish a bag is, it is of no use if it won’t last, especially if you are spending big bucks on it. Don’t ever let durability be the price of fashion and make sure that the bag you pick comes from a trusted retailer that would gladly guarantee the durability of the Italian bag.

3) Match your bag with your clothes

A green tote bag might be chic, or a big purple bag may look extraordinary, but do they match items in your wardrobe? If not, they will more likely stay there forever, and all the money you spent on them would be of no use. So pick something that goes with most of your dresses to get more chances to show off your new handbag.

4) Make sure it has spaces

Consider how much storage you usually need in your bag. If it’s supposed to be used every day when you go to work, you may have a lot of things to drop into it. So a small evening bag definitely won’t do, no matter how classy it is. Make a practical choice and pick an Italian bag sized according to your needs.

5) Match Your Style

Your bag is one thing that you get to pick the way your heart desires because no one can understand your style better than you. If you know who you are, you can choose the type you want easily. So while looking cool and chic is good, an Italian Leather handbag should also be practical and functional to be worth the price you paid for it.

Written by Elena Taylor