Unfortunately, we all know bad purchases. Whether clothing, shoes or accessories such as women bags: Bad purchases cause frustration, cost money and put you in a bad mood. We know the five biggest mistakes when buying bags and reveal how you can avoid bad purchases in the future.

Join every trend 

Not every trend is worth following. Even if many trends look great: They have to suit you and, above all, you should feel comfortable with them.

A good tip for trends: First create a solid basis from timeless bags, and then bags with short trend duration can also find their way into the closet. Because trend bags are usually only modern for one or two seasons. Change the bag every six months? Of course, you can. But you should always have a classic at hand as a backup!

Right bag, wrong occasion

The little clutch with sequins is gorgeous! However, if you carry a lot of documents, books, the laptop and snacks with you every day, an evening bag is just not ideal. It’s clear: the bag has to fit the occasion and be chosen according to the occasion.

A practical messenger bag or spacious handbag for everyday life, a chic clutch for clubbing or dinner and a practical trolley for travel. So everything has its place, the bag won’t burst at the seams and you show a sense of style when choosing accessories.

Bargain alarm: quantity instead of quality

We all know it: the glow in our eyes and the tingling sensation in our fingers when we see a great bag in the shop window. And then also reduced! But do you really need the 20th fake leather bag with cheap seams and stuck zipper just because it’s 20% off? Bad purchases are inevitable here.

Instead, keep an eye out for quality bags. Robust canvas or sturdy leather ensure durability. A functional zipper does not wear out even after years, and the seams of a quality handbag can withstand heavy loads. Of course, you can still look forward to a bargain for a quality bag!

Copycat: the friend’s copy

A rule that should not only be observed when choosing an outfit: stay true to yourself! Develop your style and establish it instead of emulating your friend. Nothing speaks against a similar taste, but who wants to be a pure copy? Play around with colours, shapes and styles until you have found your direction and you feel completely at ease! And if you do carry the same bag to coffee with your best friend, you get hearty laughter instead of gloomy faces at the similarity.

Buying bags under time pressure

Would you like to quickly go into town between two appointments and buy the next best bag? Please do not! Take your time shopping for handbags. Because if you shop in a hurry, you will find bad purchases quicker – whether it’s a bag or jeans.

Go calmly to find a new bag. It doesn’t hurt if you find out about the current offer before buying. Take a look at the collections of your favourite designers on the Internet and make a rough selection. Those who know what they want usually get it too.

Extra tip against bad purchases: trying on your favourite outfit

Regardless of whether you buy in a shop or order online: Bags should also be tried on! Try on the bag together with your favourite outfit for the occasion. Unfortunately, the bag is not convincing? No problem, thanks to the return policy. Keep searching until you find the right one. However, if you are completely satisfied, then grab it and look forward to your new piece of jewellery!

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Written by Elena Taylor